Gypsy Queen Jewellery

Crystals and Stones set in Sacred Geometric Shapes




From her early childhood Veronica has had an exceptional feeling for beauty.
She would arrange her room with :

  • natural materials
  • silken cloths
  • ornaments and simple items like coloured pebbles.

This grew in her into an intuitive feeling for semi-precious stones and jewellery.

After school she took a training in jewellery-making at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock, Cape Town, where she developed her creativity in design and skill in execution.Then there also grew in her a feeling for the flow of energy in spaces, leading her to fulfil a training in interior design and to becoming a consultant in the ancient wisdom of feng shui.

Veronica's jewellery is a celebration of art in minerals and metals. There is harmony, power and healing in the sacred geometry of her creations, combined with the radiance of the stones and crystals. In her work one can feel the truth of the poetic line "a thing of beauty is a joy for ever."

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